Photographer: | Deepam Celebration
01 Dec / 2006Program by:
Language: Sport

Tamil News from Auroville

In this week’s Tamil news there is an interview with Selvi from Deepam (a project for disabled village kids) where she explains her work and the progress of Deepam which was started as a playground for the disabled and is now possessing its own therapy room and other spaces built with the help of donors. Welcome to the delight of hearing these children singing happily with the Deepam staff and visitors during a ‘Deepam’ festival of light. Another interview acquaints you with Yves of DehaShakti as preparation, practice and high spirits are under way for the up and coming Aurolympics. It’s a delight to hear several of the children take the microphone and happily tell about their involvement.
Also in the news, announcements of several cultural events and musicals.