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Rage & Beyond Irawati’s Gandahari

Another event for the “Remembering Veenapani Festival 2017”, “Rage & Beyond: Irawati’s Gandahari” under the writing and direction of Sanjukta Wagh, with Hitesh Dhutia on acoustic guitar.

Sanjurta Wagh says: “Rage and Beyond” is not just my response to the character of Gandhari as she appears in Iravati Karve’s “Yugant”, a text that was hailed as one of the first contemporary reinterpretations of the Mahabharata by a woman writer in the 1960’s. When I enter this text in 2014, I am negotiating with the tremendous ebb and flow that inevitably happens when one tries to embody an archetype, a mythological character that is so deeply entrenched in the Indian cultural consciousness. It is at the same time my interaction with Irawati Karve as an empowered woman, deeply rooted in Marathi tradition, someone who was known for her scholarship and yet sought to have a conversation with the world through her non-academic writing. In this rewriting and embodiment of Irawati’s Gandhari, I am trying to keep this complexity alive without the need to either essentialise or glorify either author or her character, by not trying to fill in the blanks.”

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Feb 2017

Sound Bath by Svaram

Svaram is a Musical Instrument Research and Development center that makes innovative musical instruments. The center ‘s creative director is Aurelio ( who believes in the ability of music to transcend spiritual barriers.
According to the people at Svaram, the lowest use of music is merely aesthetic. The second is intellectual and the third and highest is spiritual.
The use of music to heal is an ancient art, and it has been revived here in Auroville.
Using many of their fabulous instruments, the sound bath was literally a flow of harmony and music through the body. Aurelio started by guiding the audience into a state of relaxation. The 50- 60 attendees, some meditating, some laying down to relax, all witnessed the language of pure sound.
The performance was not guided by a temporal harmony, beats and measures, but rather by the sound of sound itself. The whole body was a large ear.
To know more, give them a listen. Live, if possible.
You can get more information on Svaram, Auroville from the link below.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Feb 2017

The Jaco Pastorius Tribute Band

An incredible performance has been played at Solitude Farm by the Jaco Pastorius Tribute Band with Mishko M’Ba electric bass, Suresh Bascara drums, Matt Littlewood sax and Aman Mahajan keys.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Feb 2017

The Funky Side of Life

The 3rd International Potter’s Market ended on 28th January at the Visitor’s Centre with the enjoyable concert of “The Funky Side of Life”, a band composed by two vocalists Vera and Swaha, Matt at sax, Dhani guitars and vocals, Shakti piano and vocals, Sep at drums and Rolf at Bass. More than one hour of good music, well played classic jazz hits and original songs.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Feb 2017

Savitri, B. II, C. X, Part 3

Savitri, Book II, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto X, The Kingdoms And Godheads Of The Little Mind, Part 3

The Traveller has come to the third and greatest of the functions of our mind at the level of the mind which is limited to the information given to it by our senses. It is Reason, a mental process which we have always valued very highly. Sri Aurobindo shows us Reason’s limitations. For a world seen, Reason weaves a world conceived. Reason tries to harmonize all life by controlling it with thought, but the real source of harmony is beyond the senses. If we use only reason to define our world, we end up in a reality where there is no place for soul or spirit because Reason can not experience things which are not brought to it by the senses.

Mother's Q & A – 6/6/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers, June 6, 1956, Part 1

Mother explains how to ask for the answers to spiritual questions by using books of revelation and spiritual knowledge. Then she explains how the process works and she demonstrates how to do it. Sri Aurobindo called this method “sortilege”. He used it himself, and wrote about it often in his diary, the Record Of Yoga. This week there is no original French tape recording of the class.

Savitri, B.II, C. X, Part 2

Savitri, Book II, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto X, The Kingdoms And Godheads Of The Little Life, Part 2

The Traveller experiences the mental planes which are open to man. He follows the work of the Divine Shakti, the great Puissance, as she creates mind’s evolution in life in matter. He experiences two different ways that our surface mind functions. The first one shows the ways of thought which want to keep everything the same. This type of thought moves around and around in the same time-worn grooves. The second mode of thought is unstable, passionate and irrational. The burning vision of desire moves these thoughts to flame to the heights and sink to the depths and to waste life energy in pursuit of unreal dreams.

Mother's Q & A – 30/5/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers, May 30, 1956

Mother speaks about expressing the Divine through art, music and poetry and explains what makes a living work of art. She speaks about the true way to do all work, and explains what is necessary to do it in a way that leads to a deeper consciousness. Then she speaks about how she wanted to create a small world where people would not have to worry about getting the necessities of life so they would have the time and energy to devote themselves to seeking higher realization. She explains why that has not worked in the Ashram.

Savitri, B. II, C. X, Part 1

Savitri, Book II, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto X, The Kingdoms And Godheads Of The Little Mind, Part 1

Even the highest paradise of life energies is not enough to hold the Traveller. Nothing can hold him until he reaches the Highest. He moves into the first, lowest plane of Mind where the development of Mind in our life in a body first begins. Throughout the worlds of Mind, Sri Aurobindo speaks of Mind’s development in terms of increasing light and decreasing darkness. First the Traveller meets a silver-grey expanse where dim and shifting rays divide Life’s energies from Mind’s poise. He travels on in the Physical Mind which receives only from the erring senses and admits only the physical, objective, the actual. Rays of light continue to come and Mind evolves slowly but surely.

Mother's Q & A – 23/5/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers – May 23, 1956

This week Mother explains the difference between Yoga and Religion and tells a story about herself and a clergyman. She says that those who have a spiritual destiny will follow it within a religion or outside religion. Then she asks a lot of questions about the real sounds of very ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs. We also have two other conversations relating to this subject which were not held in the class. In the first conversation, Mother explains that she asked these questions because she cannot remember the sounds from her past lives, although she has no problem with visual memory. In that conversation she speaks of a vision she had of her past life as the mother of the Pharoah Amenhotep IV. In the second conversation she gives more details about her vision. Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaton. He was very much under the influence of his mother and he moved the capital of Egypt to another place to found a city which was to be very much like Auroville.

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