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Savitri, B. V, C. I

The Wilderness Where Savitri Will Meet Her Soul-Mate

The destined spot and hour are close – everything happens in the cosmic play at its proper time and in its foreseen place. Sri Aurobindo describes the solitary forest glade where Savitri will meet Satyavan, the mate of her soul, for the first time in this life. The Great Mother has chosen primaeval peace of natural beauty, where earth is alone with her great lover, heaven, for the atmosphere in which she will meet her destiny. Far from the world, Savitri begins to play her part in the world’s joy and strife.

Mother's Q and A, 3/10/56, Part 1

True Spiritual Teaching / How The Whole Universe Is Changing

Mother explains that true teaching comes during the time she answers questions because a force or consciousness acts through her. Then, in order to give us the idea and the feeling of how our universe functioned before the first manifestation of the new consciousness and how the functioning changes with the coming of the new consciousness into our manifested universe, Mother describes something she saw, She uses mathematical concepts for her description. The original French tape recording will play after the English translation.

Savitri, B. IV, C. IV, Part 2

On Her Fated Journey, Savitri Passes Ashrams of Yogis and Seers

Savitri is nearing her destined meeting with Satyavan, the mate of her soul, and she is also drawing closer to her Divine work. Part of that work is the yoga that she will do to prepare her being. On this part of her journey she sees great yogis and sages and feels the atmosphere of their spiritual practices, but she is impelled to go on her unfinished way and to follow the fateful orbit of her life. Still she has not found the one predestined face for which she sought among the sons of men.

Outstanding performance of fine 'hard bop fusion Jazz' at Cripa, Kalabumi.

The band was meant to play as a quartet, but after a recent terrible motorbike accident, in which the keyboard player Yurri badly injured his right hand, the band had to decide whether to cancel the concert or go ahead and play as a trio.
Luckily they decided to play because it was an excellent performance.
Tonight they had to play without an essential harmony instrument (the keyboard), and normally one would expect a trio – made up of a trumpet, a bass and a drum – to give a technically good but also heavy performance. Astonishingly the trio colored the music hall with creative, imaginative and unrestrained execution.
Soon after the concert I went to congratulate with the musicians and asked them a few simple questions.

Savitri, B. IV, C. IV, Part 1

Guided By Her Immortal Self, Savitri Seeks Her Soul-Mate

The World-Ways open before Savitri as she follows her inner and outer road. She is guided by both her individual portion of the Immortal Self and her individual soul. A deeper consciousness wells up in her and she remembers things that are a part of old forgotten selves from previous births. Even her journey to find her mate is not new to her. To her remembering witness soul she seemed to trace again a journey to her mate that she often made before. Sri Aurobindo teaches us about past lives and the action of karma by telling us this part of the story. He describes the “dim-masked, hooded godheads” who are at the same time the agents of our will, the witnesses of all we do, and the powers who carry out our fate. These are some of the karmic gods, assigned to us from birth, who carry the unbroken thread that old lives have spun. He also shows us the action of our Jivatma, our portion of the Self which is always seated above our head and is always there to guide our lives.

Ukrainian Pavilion presents SHCHEDRIJ VECHIR


Saturday 6 of January at 6 pm. Unity Pavilion hosts an Ukrainian event. The Evening of Abundance, Orthodox Christmas. Program for this evening :

– Short Presentation on Ukrainian Culture by Vladimir Yatsenko;
– Short video presentation about beautiful places of Ukraqine and Ukrainian origin;
– Ukrainian folk song concert by Vera, Shakti, Swaha, with Saraswati on flute and Rolf on guitar;
– Dinner ( by registration in UP 0413#2623576, a variety of delicious foods (suggested donation 350 INR by account, cash, or AV card)
– Dancing and singing around the fire;
– Flower Crowns making;
– You can also obtain a shirt with Ukrainian print (on donation basis);
All funds received will go towards the making of the Ukranian Pavilion.

Everybody is welcome! Looking to see you and share with us our Ukrainian space!

Pigpen Radio Takeover on Auroville Radio

This show was put together by Pigpen Radio’s DJ Ollspin. It showcases the positive conscious music broadcast on Pigpen Radio. Reggae, funk, hip hop, folk and more. Tune in to Pigpen Radio online Warning – strong language and adult themes!

Clayton Blizzard – New Strings On An Old Guitar –
Dizraeli and The Small Gods – Engurland –
Regime – Great Britain –
Mananers – Overbooking In Babylon –
Black Roots – Pompous Way –
By The Rivers – Rise Up –
YT ft Joe Lickshot – Heathen Agenda –
Talisman – Talkin’ Revolution –
onlyjoe – Wicked Land –
Friendly Fire Band & Tippa Irie & Peppery – Humanity –
Morning Sun and The Essentials – One –
Smerins Anti-Social Club ft Dom Coyote – The Hunt –
Mankala – Wemfana Wemfazi & The Township Jive –
Mama Patxanga – Caliente! Caliente! –

Background music – The Dogon Lights – Dragon Rider –

Places to listen to and download great music

Films to watch about music and copyright freedom
Rip! A Remix Manifesto
Steal This Film
The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Savitri, B. IV, C. III

Savitri Is Sent To Search The Deep World For Her Mate

The mighty yearning that asks for a perfect life for earth and men again raised it flame. King Aswapathy hears a Voice from hidden skies, calling mankind to its greater destiny. The Voice speaks of man’s failure to change. Then, Savitri comes like a shining answer from the gods. There comes the gift of a revealing hour, and with his inner sight, the king sees the great and unknown spirit born as his daughter. He speaks to her in sentences from unseen heights. The king tells Savitri that somewhere on earth waits her mate, the second self for which her nature asks. He tells her to depart where love and destiny call her charm, and his word is the seed of all things to be. The next morning the palace wakes to its own emptiness. Savitri has gone to search the spacious world for the love of her life.

Mother's Q And A – 26/9/56

Personal Contact With Mother – Receiving The Force

In the Ashram, the value of Mother’s physical presence was for helping the physical consciousness and the physical body to be an integral part of the inner progress. Today the force carries the physical change. We have to begin inside, and only when we are ready within can our outer parts participate in the process of integral transformation and change. Mother pointed out that if there was no opening to the force it did no good to be in her physical presence. The important point was, and still is, to establish the inner contact. In Mother the Consciousness acted for purification, and it still does. Automatically it is like a ray of light that brings light where there was no light before, and it illumines all the bad parts of the being so they are seen as they truly are. We should not hide them. We should see them as something we want to get rid of permanently, and offer them for that purpose.

Interview with Serena Aurora

One of the first movies screened at Cinema Paradiso during the Auroville Film Festival 2017 was Hands And Feet of India by Serena Aurora. A short informative and artistic movie that takes us into the streets of India.
Serena tells us how she made this movie of colorful photography which moves in unison with the music.

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