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Photographer:Amelia | pond at Town Hall Photographer:Amelia | World Cup 2014 - winning Germany team Photographer:Amelia | Auroville football fans at Le Zephry in Visitor Centre Photographer:Amelia | butterfly Photographer:Amelia | Barbados Pride Photographer:Amelia | pathways Photographer:Amelia | event

Winning Goal, Music

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In today’s news we are featuring excerpt of excitement of football fans at Le Zpehry(which kindly screened all the matches) at substitute Mario Gotze winning goal for the end of World Cup 2014 in the added time at the finale. Friday two cultural sharing in International Zone – 7.30pm Musical Journey at PAvilion of Tibetan Culture, and at 5pm Africa House invites all to join the Nelson Mandela Day by screening film on his life “A Long Walk to Freedom” , followed by “Bunny Chow” dinner, authentic “South African Street Food” .

Only by the ascent to the original Truth can the deformation be healed and all the works of love, as too all the works of knowledge and of life, be restored to a divine significance and become part of an integral spiritual existence.
The Synthesis of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo

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14 Jul / 2014

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pond at Town Hall
World Cup 2014 - winning Germany team
Auroville football fans at Le Zephry in Visitor Centre
Barbados Pride