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Auroville Film Festival (#2)

In this episode of AVFF 2017, we engage in conversation with Tom Mo, who is a filmmaker and a teacher. A film enthusiast, he talks to us about how important the film festival is for Auroville. We also discuss the main categories for submission, Kino Cell, Kino Cabaret and about getting in touch with more funders for the festival to come alive.

Auroville Film Festival (#1)

This new segment features tête-à-têtes with Auroville Film Festival’s key members. The episodes constitute master classes, cinematic analysis, and behind the scenes of the upcoming biennale.

In this episode (#1) Sasikanth, filmmaker, photographer and teacher visits the AV Radio studio to talk about how it all began, submission guidelines, the Educational Outreach Program and the importance of good cinema.

Caravane Amoureuse en Ethiopie

Marc Vella – Caravane Amoureuse en Ethiopie
Documentaire et Discussion avec Antoine, un participant de la Caravane.
En trente ans, le pianiste nomade Marc Vella a parcouru avec son piano à queue plus de 200 000 km sur les routes et chemins de plus de quarante pays pour célébrer l’humain.
Concepteur de la Caravane Amoureuse, il emmène avec lui des personnes pour dire “je t’aime” aux autres et “conquérir amoureusement” leur cœur et leur âme.
En 2013, grâce à l’enthousiasme de plusieurs Auroviliens, une Caravane quittait Auroville pour un périple en Inde du sud.
En novembre 2015, la Caravane partait en Ethiopie. Des hauts plateaux au sud profond dans la «Vallée de l’Omo», l’un des derniers endroits au monde où des peuples vivent encore selon leurs traditions ancestrales, un voyage musical et une rencontre stupéfiante entre cultures africaines et occidentales au cœur de l’Éthiopie.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Apr 2017

Made in USA – Chef

Chef is a 2014 American comedy-drama film written, co-produced, and directed by Jon Favreau, and starring Favreau, Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert Downey Jr.
The soundtrack is a combination of Latin jazz, New Orleans jazz and blues, which serve as background to the storyline as it moves through Miami, New Orleans and Austin, respectively. The film’s music was chosen by music supervisor Mathieu Schreyer, while the incidental music was scored by Lyle Workman.


“I Like It Like That” – Pete Rodriguez
“Lucky Man” – Courtney John
“A Message to You, Rudy” – Grant Phabao, Carlton Livingston and Lone Ranger
“Cavern” – Liquid Liquid
“C.R.E.A.M” – El Michels Affair
“Hung Over” – The Martinis
“Que Se Sepa” – Roberto Roena
“Ali Baba” – Louie Ramirez
“Homenaje al Benny (Castellano Que Bueno Balia Usted)” – Gente de Zona
“Mi Swing Es Tropical” – Quantic & Nickodemus,
“Bustin’ Loose” – Rebirth Brass Band
“Sexual Healing” – Hot 8 Brass Band
“When My Train Pulls In” – Gary Clark Jr.
“West Coast Poplock” – Ronnie Hudson and the Street People
“Oye Como Va” – Perico Hernandez
“La Quimbumba” – Perico Hernandez
“One Second Every Day” – Lyle Workman

Mini Festival du Film

Lionel Tardif, ex and long-time Director-Curator of the Tours Cultural Centre (France) will present
a montage of several films (extracts of about 10 ‘each) which retraces the main stages of the first period of the cinema from the primitives (1895-1920) to the End of the mute (1930) through the successive schools: the burlesque, the Swedish school, German expressionism, the Russian school and the French avant-garde. These periods show how the grammar of the cinema was constituted, and the first great cinematographic ideas which came to the attention of the preoccupations which were also born in theater, painting, music, architecture. This telescoping will give its letters of nobility to the art of the image which is enriched by drawing from the other arts. Little by little the cinema becomes a total art.
The event was organized by The French Pavilion.

Interview with Anna Bohlmark

Anna Bohlmark, a film maker from Sweden is in Auroville, to experience Auroville and give an experience to people for Auroville through her film, Fog of Bwindi. It is a very heart touching short film, which is more of documentary of events which occurred in 1991, when the Uganda government decided (with the backing of World Bank) to convert the Bwindi forest area into a protected national park. And in order to make successful this decision, the government had to evacuate and literally remove the indigenous people of that region, the pygmies of the Batwa tribe. The national park is a big tourist attraction, paying 500US$ per person to observe and engage with the endangered species of guerrilla. The government completely undersighted the relationship of the Batwa pygmies who have inhabitated those regions for 1000’s of years. The pygmies now find themselves, without their home nor land to basically survive upon. No help, support or rehabilitation plan was prepared for evacuation of nearly 6000 pygmies. Anna through her film, ventures deep into the lives of these unique and indigenous people to tell state of what occurred in their lives, when their own government abandoned them with any show or cause.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Feb 2017

A Film on Pygmies from Bwindi

Documentary –


Uganda, 2015, Dir. Anna Bohlmark, 25 minutes, Documentary, English with English subtitles, Rated: G

For thousands of years the Batwa (a pygmy tribe) lived in harmony with the mountain gorillas in the Bwindi forest, south Western part of Uganda. In 1991, when the Bwindi forest became a world heritage, the pygmies were forcefully evacuated from the forest to leave space for the endangered gorillas. The mountain gorillas have become one of Africa´s biggest tourist attractions. But what happened to the Batwas?

This documentary give a frightening insight in a society that places economic interests above all others including human dignity.

Welcome Talk, Live Music

On Wednesday, 28th September, from 3 to 5 pm at SAIIER conference hall WELCOME TALK for those who are interested in starting the Auroville Newcomer process as well as the Aurovilians who contemplate the idea of becoming a Mentor.

Saturday 1st of October at Pitanga at 6.30pm “In C and Beyond…” Concert
Come and hear students from Australia’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music,
currently visiting Auroville with their Professor Kim Cunio and Charulatha Mani, Chennai’s highly acclaimed Carnatic singer


Thursday 29th September at 3:30 pm at Citadine Art GalleryCirhuaurovilian Conversations – with “Aurelio on “Svaram Sound Exploration

Friday 30th of Spetember at 8pm at CRIPA in Kalabhumi – LIVE MUSIC with Nuria, Matt, Holger, Shanks and Sreenath.

Reject the false notion that the divine Power will do and is bound to do everything for you at your demand and even though you do not satisfy the conditions laid down by the Supreme.
Sri Aurobindlo

Housing, TDC, Bridging and Horses

Featuring an excerpt on interview with Kalsang and Matilde about “Builiding Bridges” for which fundraising dinner we are all invited on Saturday 20th of Agust from 6.30pm onward.
# 10 5905 (“Tibetan Students”)The “Building Bridges” project:

Today at Visitors Centre at 8 pm Bharatanatyam performance by Anjali Bagal.

Friday 19th of August at 4:30 pm at Unity Pavilion a Follow-up General Meeting on the re-visioning and re-structuring of the Town Planning and Development of Auroville.

2nd ARA meeting on housing on Monday, 22nd August,beginning at 3.30pm in Unity Pavilion.

“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion. Not to nourish it but to try to overcome it is the way to reach the attainable measure of peace of mind.” ~ALBERT EINSTEIN

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Aug 2016


Sachin, an Indian based Korean film actor is currently a volunteer at the Youth Centre, Auroville.

His journey to Korean film industry all the way from the Indian Ocean has been discussed in the interview. Mr. Sachin is very much passionate about ‘human peace and unity’, and that idea has brought him to Auroville to relax and refresh himself from a regular life. He even adds that, if any person wants to spend some time away from the busy city atmosphere without chaos then Auroville is the best choice.

He also talks about Korean films, and also spoke few Korean words like ‘hello’.

He suggests the youth to think beyond borders and put efforts in reaching their goals by streamlining their interests and not deviating from their way.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Jul 2016
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