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Tierra de Ninos
by Mari   
Tuesday, 12 January 2010

En esta charla,Tiago Rouxinol nos habla del proyecto Tierra de Niños, que empezó con ANIE en Perú en 1995. ANIA es una asociación para los niños y el medio ambiente que ya ganó muchos premios por su trabajo y su misión es crear con los niños un mundo mejor para todos los organismos vivos en la tierra. Tiago nos cuenta el histórico del proyecto en Brasil, en Perú y en la fase actual en Auroville, en Sadhana Forest. Para saber mas accede al :

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Children`s land
by Miriam   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010

Sadhana ChildrenOver four hundred children came on Sunday 27th of December to be present on inauguration of “Children s Land” at Sadhana Forest. Yes, for them it was very important day, because over 2 acres of land was given to them to work with it according to their plans and dreams. What have started as a particular project in Peru with one man who was devastated over the fact that our planet is disappearing  as a living form from our sight, in few years managed to sprout all over the planet in different forms.  Children are increasing environmental consciousness in the work with land, and at the same time gathering valuable lessons of life..

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Deepen the question !
by Kati   
Friday, 01 January 2010

MangrovesRecently, Australian deep-ecologist, writer and singer John Seed was in Auroville. The goal of his workshop called "The Council of All Beings" is to support the re-discovering of one's "ecological self". For AurovilleRadio, John describes a ritual, nowadays called process, of this workshop. He believes that the loss of ceremonies which can nurture our interconnectedness with nature is part of our problem. Deep ecology is based on the shifting away from the reality exclusively in terms of human values. That shift in consciousness is both, cognitive revolution and spiritual awakening.

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Run with Oil?
by Mattia   
Thursday, 19 November 2009

The oil bulletThe pollution problem is something taken seriously in Auroville, at least by the residents... Samuel has been trying for a few years to decrease his carbon footprint by testing alternative sources of energy to run his motorbike: Pongami oil and recycled kitchen oil. But to start the engine by kicking is a challenge, it's very hard. It seems that the electrical transport is the most sustainable one in Auroville, apart from walking and cycling...

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Auroville will be at Copenhagen
by Chloe   
Wednesday, 18 November 2009
United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen logoNext month a very important event is coming up in Copenhagen: the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  Marti,  an Aurovilian for the past 20 years, also a member of the International Advisory Council of Global Ecovillage Network will be part of the opening session taking place on 5th of December. She will present a talk titled  'From Rio to Copenhagen' which will focus on the changes that happened during these last 20 years. Two days later she will make a presentation  with Luigi of l'Avenir about Auroville. The film 'Auroville and the Future' by Michele Decoust will be screened. If you happen to be in Denmark , come and see them! Or listen to the interview with Marti below

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Sewage, Farming and waste
by Yahalom   
Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lucas Eco-Pro is working in the field of  health and hygiene. The company focus is on attempting to integrate both public and environmental aspects of these issues. Long-time Aurovilian Lucas, the founder and manager of Eco-Pro, shares his experience in approaching all the basics 'leftovers' of our lives in an integral way. The talk starts with  the usage of EM (effective microorganisms) in agriculture and in the treatment of sewage and dump sites, continuing with the challenge of promoting integral approaches to a conventional world. Lucas shares his optimistic view for a sustainable future during his informative talk on sewage and waste treatment.

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Time is NOW
by Miriam   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Solar Kitchen ?wake up call?On Monday 21st of September, over 2000 meetings were held with purpose to knock on governmental consciousness to accept strong climate agreement. All the events were recorded, and video clipped, pictures, messages will be passed to UN and presented on Environmental Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009 and at G20 summits. All of them are global calls to bring awareness that warming is happening, and climate changes are both global and regional issues. Here is an interview of Tewa, Dariya and Jivan, who organized the “wake up call” in Auroville. Watch the flash mob event at Solar Kitchen on AurovilleTV here.

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Forty Years of Biodiversity
by Radio Team   
Monday, 13 July 2009

From right to left: Maya, Srishti and SmitiMaya, Srishti and Smiti will be representing Auroville at the Second International Youth Symposium on Biodiversity, in Ottawa, Canada (July 5th - 8th). They have prepared a short delivery especially for the Auroville audience. These girls have conducted a six month research in Auroville canyon areas, to explore and learn more about the local Biodiversity. They have come together to present the products of their exploration and share their unique perception of what they have perceived.

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