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Category Archives: Animal Care

Dr. Kumar ‘Vet On Wheels’

Meet Dr. Kumar, in Auroville since 1995, and became Aurovillian since 2008. He is a genius voluntary veterinary doctor in Auroville. So what is the difference between an ordinary doctor and Dr. Kumar, his passion to reach the animal, "not to bring the animal to the clinic, it is stressful for the animal, I like to reach the animal" - Dr Kumar. He is designing a unique veterinary services with a 'Mobile Clininc' and terms himself as "Vet on Wheels". Dr. Kumar has performed thousands of neuter surgery on dogs in Auroville and Within the bio-region, for the strays in the villages on a cost-to-cost basis. He has invented and mastered a new technique for this surgery, which involves least incision, only 1 injection process, 3 layers of skin stitching and helps the animal revive and be normal within the same day, unlike the general practice which immobilse the animal to intensive care for 3-4 days atleast. Auroville is natural catalyst for pioneering and innovative minds which carries with itself also the spirit to serve, meeting Dr. Kumar gives the same feeling. Every project or proposal requires support and encouragement from the society on the whole, Dr. Kumar wants to realize the dream of providing best animal care in Auroville and is looking for resources and understanding from the community. To contact Dr. Kumar you can call on mobile no. - +919443203092. More we share, More we care.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Apr 2017

Animal Care at Auroville

The Unstitute (UK artists Marianna and Daniel O’'Reilly) spend an afternoon with Rita D'Souza-Lachaux, the general manager of Integrated Animal Care dog shelter in Auroville and discuss various aspects of the role, her dreams and aspirations, fundraising and community outreach projects, the general state of dog care in India as well as triumphs and challenges she has experienced while running the project in this community.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Jan 2016
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