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Category Archives: Wellness

Dr Dorjee Rabten Neshar shares

On the 21st September 2017 Senior Doctor Dorjee Rabten Neshar gave a talk on the Tibetan medical system at the Pavillion. It was very informative and so refreshing to hear the simplicity of perception in this outlook.

NNF – Not Negative Feedback !

This is the biggest and most welcome event happening in Auroville.
During the years the slogan "Run for the joy of Running" became a tangible fact. Everibody is happy. Asking questions to members of the community, volunteers, runners you will get the same feedback: Beautifully organized. Beautiful place. Perfect. From my side I can say that is a pleasure to go around interviewing people who appreciates the efforts of the organizing team and Auroville as community.
The Auroville's 8th Marathon was a success.

Comments: 3 Date: 08 Feb 2015

Auroville’s 8th Marathon

Its a pleasure to organize Auroville's 8th Marathon.
This comes from Anand Prasad who along with Chandresh Patel are the minds and hands behind the event. The runners love the Auroville Marathon because it is not tied up with any sponsors trying to get some benefit. To make the event possible, more than 500 persons volunteer time for the project.
The runners like the unique atmosphere of Auroville and the beauty of the place very much.

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Jan 2015

Thousands of Smiles

A truly inspiring Sunday morning! More than 3000 people gathered at dawn at the Visitor Centre to participate to the 6th Auroville's marathon to run over the path and paved roads of Auroville. The most common word I've heard it's "awesome"... Believe me this interviews are barely edited and what it comes out is that the runners were just so happy! A very well organized event by the marathon team. Listen the voices of the runners about what they got from the experience of running in Auroville. For more info:

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Comments: 0 Date: 10 Feb 2013

‘What is Health?’

Centre for International Research for Human Unity (CIRHU) started 'Aurovilian Conversations'. a series of weekly reflections (not formal debates or lectures) on various subjects of human and societal growth and development. The conversation held on 6 Sep (thursday) 2016 at CIRHU, TownHall of Auroville on 'What is Health?' is an interesting and enthusiastic subject discussed by students, interns, new comers and people of Auroville. Linda Grace, from Sante (Intergral Health Services of Auroville) has chaired the discussion and she spoke on the importance of 'health and consciousness in todays's world. She emphasized mainly on the self-interest and self-reliance of an individual to keep up once health and therefore look for sustainable and divine living. The three pillars which shape the well-being of an individual and tune into a healthy life are described by Linda Grace. They are, Mental Health, Social Wellness and Private/personal time for oneself. Members of CIRHU: Giacomo, Luigi and other visitors and students have participated in the discussion.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Oct 2016

Welcome Marathon’s Runners !

The buzz of the runners is all around.
Just arrived from different places of India and tomorrow starting from 4:30 am they will "invade" the paths and roads of Auroville. For some it is the first experience others are use to run this unique marathon. Here's their feelings, excitement and impressions.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Feb 2015

L'eau Dynamisee

Parmi les tresors d'Auroville, une autre perle: L'eau dynamisee. En 1994 une equipe de scientifiques menee par Bagwandas, s'est penchee sur l'eau et son potentiel de vie, ces recherches ont abouti a la mise au point d'un procede de dynamisation visant a rendre a l'eau les qualites lui appartenant depuis l'aube des temps et que le progres detruit peu a peu. Aquadyn est l'unite ou les fontaines sont fabriquees, il reste profondement lie a la recherche et au partage. L'originalite du procede d' Auroville est l' utilisation de lumiere et de son.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Mar 2013

Health center

Health being the basic needs of every human being, its very important to know how much support is been shown towards the health issues faced by the Aurovillians. lets hear it directly from the authorities of the health center. a short and brief interview session with Dr.Sathish Kumar, senior nurse Valarmathi, Lab technician Marie and Pharmasy assistant Galil Imbrahim.

Auroville International Marathon

Interview with Chandresh, one of the organizers of Auroville International Marathon, which over the years really managed to establish its position in the community as well as outside, and further.
With logo "Run for joy of Running" swept over the hearts of those who participate in marathon in India. This year they expect about 3500 runners, and for that months preparation were required along with numerous team of volunteers and organizers.
As usual first, the full marathon starts at 5am from Visitor Center, and 11 stations will provide necessary for participants

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Feb 2015


In Auroville, for two years, a team of passionates has been exploring this discipline born from the third millenium on the Amercan continent. Mark is presenting us this recency between yoga, circus and Thai massage. The French-American tandem Mark and Damien, after a long process of decoding from books and videos, has acquired skills that allow them to offer now the opportunity to practice this activity in Auroville at Arka Centre on Sundays 8-10 am and Tuesdays / Thursdays 7-9 am, and Louise in Windara Farm on fridays 3-5 pm. Ready to fly?

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Mar 2013