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Dance is Universal

This interview is based on Vjay dance classes at New Creation for any languages and there will be a dance performance on the 15th of August at Visitor's Center. Hope to see you.I was inspired by Vijay's life story, and path of dance, karate, and kick boxing.

Vijay gives classes at New Creation for dance on Tuesday at 6pm and Saturday at 3.30pm,
classes for kick boxing are going on at SAWCHU on Saturdays and Sundays at 6.30am.
You can contact Sundar on 9786167917.

All invited to a 1st Anniversary!

Thursday 24th March at 4.30pm,The Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI) will complete its first year of activity! It has been a year of efforts, adventure and significant achievements in bringing sustainable approaches to living to many quarters in Tamil Nadu (as well as an ongoing collaboration with Odisha). And it is great to see this important bridge between Auroville and Tamil Nadu coming to life! We are featuring short interview with Balu and Pavithrai who are working with SLI, and have witnessed in past year quite some changes in their life, community, neighborhood. Parvathi and Balu are warmly inviting all of us to tomorrow's 1st year birthday celebration at SLI in Kotakkarai starting at 4.30pm.

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Mar 2016

Women’s Solidarity Festival AVAG

The Auroville Village Action Group gathering at Irumbai on Sunday, 19th of July- Listen to the Keynote address and welcome in Tamil.
All were invited to join the Women’s Solidarity Festival--a celebration of the talent and culture of local women in the Auroville bioregion and showcase cultural performances, speeches, and educational displays on various topics relevant to women’s health and livelihood. Close to 4000 people attended during the day long event.
For more information please visit

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Aug 2015

Bioregion Tour – Join us!

Discover the uncontaminated villages of Munnur and Perumukkal.Have a walk in the village of Munnur, where clay pots are created and cooked on the road sides; visit a family of potters that will welcome you with snacks and will show you their home-based factory. Visit the ruins of a 900 years old temple and climb the rocks to reach the sacred temple of Perumukkal, built in the 12th century for the local omonimous goddess, worshipped for protection an prosperity from the inhabitants of the village.

Enjoy the sunset and the incredible landscape from the top of the rocks, from where you can meditate and see, far away, the Matrimandir. Meeting point at Lively Boutique 2:00pm on Saturday 9th and 23rd November. Advanced booking requested. Bioregion Tour is a project of Mohanam Cultural Center. Advanced booking requested for guests, aurovillians and volunteer. Contact us at or +91 (0)413 2623806

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Nov 2013

Outreach – ACI

How does Auroville’s engagement in the bioregion affect the life of nearby villages? How does it affect our own life? Who is involved and how? What impact does it have or has it had? What are the perceptions of those living in neighboring villages of purpose and role of Auroville?...

These and many other questions that has been addressed yesterday at SAIIER at next Joy of Learning session on the theme of 'Outreach'.

With our life so closely interwoven with the social and economic fabric of the local population and their traditions, customs, and practices, 'Outreach' activities have been at the very center of our efforts from the beginning. The progress we made, the challenges we face and the opportunities we have available to jointly move forward is a topic that concerns all of us.

Expert Interview- V.K.Munuswamy

For the third consecutive year, the Auroville village heritage festival had been successfully conducted by the Mohanam organization. The UNESCO award winner and Secretary, Pondicherry Craft Council, V.K.Munuswamy, had shared his views about the development of the craft work.

Geological history of Auroville

This Water Talk is dedicated to a presentation of the history of the geology of Auroville and the region, by Giulio Di Anastasio (Geologist).
This is the first part of an attempt for an educational program that will take us through the journey of water and help you understand better our water dynamics and eventually make decisions for your future and the one of your kids.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Apr 2015

Ohm ……in the morning

Early morning birds are singing their song .... humans chanting.

Celebration of Evolution

To mark the Navratri nine day festival of Goddess Durga, the Tamil Heritage Centre held its annual exhibition on evolution at Ilaignarkal Education Centre. In an interesting conversation, Anand tells us that they would like to involve the next generation and pass the on the knowledge of the evolution theory in Hindu culture which says - from one single cell, one seed ... to God level. On display are hundreds of figurines, mostly collected over the years and made by local artisans. The annual exhibition is visited by over 1000 students of Auroville and bio-region schools.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Oct 2015

L’Avenir Meets Bommaiyarpalayam

In this piece we are featuring minutes of yesterday's meeting between TDC / L'Avenir d'Auroville and Bommaiyarpalayam village. TDC would like to help under developed village to receive governmental grant for development. From L'Avenir were present Cristo, Boobalam and Paul Vincent, form Bommairpalayam village panchayat president Rajendra, Vinai, Padmanabhan, Subramaviay, and other villagers.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Jul 2014
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