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28 May / 2017Program by:
Featured: MarlenkaLanguage: English

Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1, Ch. 10

This reading concludes Chapter 10, The Three Modes of Nature. Sri Aurobinido began the chapter outlining precisely what are the three modes, their influence on our nature and our goal to become one with the Divine. In this second half of the chapter he goes on to instruct us that getting rid, rejecting, if that were even possible, what would appear to be holding us back or down, that any attempt at an exclusive resort to sattwa as the sought after highest of the three gunas, seeming to be the way of escape, won’t do. As no one of the qualities can prevail by itself against the other two.

Again, the Gita: to stand back in oneself from the action of the of the modes, and to observe as the Witness, seated above the forces of Nature. The Witness looks but neither accepts nor interferes. Achieving a static freedom of the soul, no longer only witness, a dynamic transformaton of the nature takes place.


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