Photographer:Andrea | Aayush Patel interviewed by Sasi
02 Oct / 2011Program by:

Miya Mahadev

Miya Mahadev a film about friendship, compassion, Human Unity, social responsibility and values is about friendship between a Hindu and a Muslim living in the walled city in Ahmedebad.
The film directed by three Charted Accountancy students; Aayush Patel, Mit Jani & Prateek Gupta is a portrait of two strong characters, who through their friendship, influenced the community. The harmony, mutual respect and love shared between these two friends had become an example for the community, which is made up of people of diverse religions and cultures

. Though a first attempt for these directors they had managed to capture the pathos and the profundity of the friendship. Here Aayush Patel talks about the initial inspiration for the film, the parts played by the three directors, the producers, the hurdles they faced and about the final out come. So if one needs to need more after listening to this interview it is recommended that you watch the film to get its full worth.