Photographer:Giorgio | Ireno (center) holding the Mong-Rat prize. Photographer:Giorgio | Judges moments before the opening of the event. Photographer:Giorgio | The location was packed. Photographer:Giorgio | Tara (center) receiving her award. Photographer:Giorgio | Christoph (center). Photographer:Giorgio | Reading the winners during the power cut(s)
03 Oct / 2011Program by:

Film Festival 11 Closing Ceremony

Like all good things have to come to an end, so did the Auroville Film Festival 11. After 5 days, 121 films 3 live debates, innumerable conversations and lots of friendships struck up over films, it all came to an end. The evening was dedicated to vote of thanks, awards ceremony, closing discussion with the judges and party. The indomitable duo of Paul & Wazo opened the proceedings; once they had warmed the crowds they were joined by Marco. He then went on to thank all the people involved in bringing this Film Festival to fruition.

The awards ceremony then began in earnest. There were awards in about as many categories as you would find at the Academy awards-so it seemed. Once the long list of awardees were presented with ceramic prizes, that were designed and created in Auroville, we finally came the grand prize; the revolving Mong-Rat prize for the best film selected by the audience and surprise! Surprise! It went to a local. And if you are interested to know the names of all the winners, then you will just have to listen to the whole function on AurovilleRadio.
Later the judges for the human unity category were called up on stage and there followed a lively discussion, agreements, disagreements, cajoling and coaxing about why each film was chosen. Following which the crowd thanked Marco for the festival. The night concluded with the remaining folks grooving to the tunes of DJ Jesse. Well, the film buffs will need to cold turkey for two years as the next Auroville film festival is just over the horizon in 2013. See you all then.