Guests - Getting to know Auroville

by Nola   
Monday, 02 April 2012
Stella (Photographer: Stella)Since studying media choice for Auroville Radio was a logical option for Stella who wanted to spend and volunteer some more time in Auroville. She finds AV radio different mostly because is not searching exclusively for bad news, which would be the practice everywhere else, but still wishes that it would be more focused of Auroville values, reflect a state of the town with it's truth. Whole team admire Stella for her honesty, sense for a team work, and for her excellent photographic portraits she have taken over her volunteership.

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Auroville Retreat Weekends
by Stella   
Saturday, 24 March 2012

Auroville Retreat Vikram and Martin (Photographer: Stella)'Auroville Retreat Weekends' is a new way for guests and visitors to discover Auroville within a weekend and explore it more intensively. Vikram is giving us an interview about the idea behind the retreats, the different themes that one can choose, the feedback and the difficulties. There is a huge variety of offers, ranging from body oriented activities to 'green' experiences in nature, or weekends for the whole family. The Auroville Retreats happen in groups and include all meals and workshops. Read more

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Organization of the Matrimandir
by Stella   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012
Srimoyi Matrimandir (Photographer: Stella)Srimoyi, who is in charge of the organization of the Park of Unity (the amphitheater, the Banyan Tree, the Matrimandir and the twelve gardens including the Garden of Unity), explains the three different booking procedures to enter the Matrimandir. She also talks about the Mother's guidelines and the current difficulties her team has to face. 'It must be solitary and silent. It must have an isolating zone, one must have access to it only with permission.' Read more

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by Nola and Stella   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rustam and Olga (Photographer: Stella)Ukrainian musicians Olga and Rustam are traveling through India for the last four months. On the advice of somebody, they decided to pay a visit to Auroville as well. First impressions and first disappointments, and of course the fact that Auroville is a pretty expensive place to visit, almost turned them off. But they insisted in their search for the musicians living and working here, and as the result of their quest, there will be a concert on Tuesday, 20th of March at Sadhana Forest at 7.30pm, and on Wednesday 21st at Unity Pavilion at 7.30pm. Read more

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11 449, 77 kilometres
by Monireh   
Wednesday, 14 March 2012
Marek (Photographer: Monireh)Volunteers to AurovilleRadio come from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, professions or line of studies, but up until now nobody had ever come from Europe on a cycle! Marek did, all the way from his home town Liepzig in Germany. Over 11 000 kilometres, many countries he has now got behind him, and as he confides, he started to travel to see the world, and traveling such a long way on cycle seems much nicer to him. It gives him the opportunity to see more at a slower pace and always presents a possibility of unplanned stops. Read more

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Searching for Answers
by Tahereh   
Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Divya (Photographer: Tahereh)What makes one to come to Auroville? To come as a volunteer, looking for more than just an average tourist's view on the city, people, life around here? What are the expectations of one towards what she or he finds here? In conversation with Divya, one of volunteers of AurovilleRadio, she shares with us some answers on all these questions... and more. Her maturity and honesty beyond her age, quiet and modest presence left inspiring footprint behind.... Read more

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Matrimandir Exhibition Now Open
by Rebecca   
Monday, 05 March 2012
The Matrimandir exhibition space (Photographer: Rebecca)On February 28th, 2011, the work began for a new Matrimandir exhibit at the Visitor's Center. One year later, on the 44th birthday of Auroville's beginning, the exhibit opened at 9:30 a.m. following a concentration and consecration of the space. The exhibit, which was partially created with earth from the Matrimandir Gardens, was envisioned to be more a more spatial, visceral, and visual venue than the old exhibit. The creation was a smooth and quiet process, and was realized just in time for the one year deadline. Read more

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The Common Goal
by Andi   
Friday, 04 February 2011
Working with children (Photographer: Living Routes website)In a short interview with some Living Routes students and volunteers from USA, Andi found out a few things. They were all exposed to some new ideas, met many different people from all over the world, tried new techniques on themselves - like awareness through the body or meditation. But as one of the students emphasized, she admires most the strength of the community to follow the common goal, although they all come from different backgrounds, different cultures...

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