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Krishna Tewari`s 90th Birthday
by Andi   
Thursday, 04 October 2012
90 candles (Photographer: Dimitri)How often do you get to attend a 90th birthday celebration? Come on in and enter the Tibetan Pavilion with Auroville Radio, capturing the ambiance and the essence of the event. A beautiful affair to honor Krishna's life, the celebration was held Tuesday evening, from 5:30-6:30. Attendees included the elders of Auroville, friends and family of Krishna, people from the Ashram and other Aurovilians. People lined up around the pavilion to give personal regards to Krishna one by one. There was a seated meditation and beautiful invocation by Joy. Read more

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La formule Arka
by Doru   
Saturday, 12 September 2009

Maria Grazia (Photo: Doru)Maria Grazia Garilli, est venue, à Auroville, à l'âge de 28 ans ou elle a rencontré son destin. Depuis 2002, l'année d'inauguration de ARKA, elle s'est impliquée dans ce projet, qui comprend plusieurs bâtiments dont un centre de convalescence, une « Guest House » et des appartements pour Aurovilliens. Le concept de ce lieu est de redéfinir la notion de vieillissement et la prise de conscience de ce processus appelé aussi « eternal youth ». Pour plus d'informations, cliquez ici.
Pour télécharger l'interview cliquez ci-dessous.

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Physically Challenged in Auroville
by Vika   
Saturday, 04 April 2009

SusmitaWhat will you do if you come across someone in a wheelchair waiting at the bottom of the stairs? Would you offer them your help, would you assume that they are just time passing or will you stop and think? Would you take in account all that you have witnessed? What does physically challenged mean to you. The AurovilleRadio had been welcomed into the life of such person, physically challenged at birth, Susmita had learned to keep herself lifted, working through difficulties she has faced along the way. She feels the time has come for her to share her empathy for the future development of the Auroville Community.

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40 years
by Radio Team   
Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thiruvengadam This week's Tamil program features Thiruvengadam, originally from Pondicherry,
 He tells the story of his life in and around Auroville. Thiruvangadam's work experience includes time at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram located in Pondicherry and in Auroville as a carpenter. He knows Auroville for forty years; he married a girl from Edayanchavady (a nearby local village) and has both bought and sold Auroville land. Thiru is a man who has grown up with all different kinds of environments.

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