Afforestation - Environmental work

Landscapes with depth and beauty
by Andrea and Anitha   
Monday, 29 November 2010
Paul Blanchflower (Photographer: Vikram)Restoring the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) to the society is our priority, said Paul Blanchflower, who founded the Auroville Botanical Garden. At a presentation during the Green Practices workshop, he said the aim should be towards sustainability as we are an energy-driven society. Joking about a philosophical angle to his talk, Paul emphasized that nothing on this planet can exist without a relationship to humans, as we are the dominant force. He discussed more aspects to landscaping and the other projects they are currently working on.

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Highly endangered forest
by Andrea and Anitha   
Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Glenn Baldwin (Photographer: Vikram)Glenn Baldwin, who is involved with the Auroville Forest Group, in a presentation on green practices gives a broad overview of the work, which has been done over the years. For the first people who had arrived at Auroville, Glenn points out, it was a very tough situation as it used to be a treeless and eroded plateau. The early settlers came with pockets of seeds from their respective countries and many trees were planted, “every tree was special and precious”.Glenn then explains the various problems Aurovilians face even now, and how they have learned and use different solutions to cope with these problems. Click here to download the presentation

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Welcome to Sadhana Haiti
by Chloe   
Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sadhana Haiti (Photographer: 12th of January when earthquake of catastrophic magnitude stroke Haiti, the whole world react on it with different ways of help. Sadhana Forest Group left for Haiti in April to offer help and introduce the model of reforestation project with environmental leadership program. On the South West corner of Haiti, on the border with Dominican Republic, in the poorest area of Anse-a-Pitre the piece of land was offered to them to work on it. Sadhana Forest group wants to share a strong vision, and experience of Auroville with the people of Anse-a-Pitre, which would lead to a different kind of consciousness and different attitude.

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Aviram speaks about Sadhana Forest
by Elaine   
Tuesday, 18 May 2010

growing treesFive years ago, Aviram launched an indigenous reforestation project, and he speaks about the link between growing trees and the development of the people involved. The project is run as sustainably as possible, with a four-bike gym used to generate electricity when solar is not enough. There is no electricity in the houses - the community centre is the only building with light, meaning that people naturally gather there in the evenings. He says everyone can contribute to global efforts in small ways but that on the other hand it may well be that some radical measures are also needed.

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Life Around
by Andrea   
Thursday, 22 April 2010
Bee-eater (Photographer: Kireet / Andrea)We all live in the houses, and around our houses, many animals find their home in trees, bushes... behind our house is an old cashew tree, and with working tree (Acacia Auriculiformis) are conquering the land contending the Sun to others Tropical Dry Eve-green plants, and as such creating welcoming house for different birds. At sunset you can listen to their daily song, praises and thanks for the past day... and so are we... as neighbors, connected to One. Here are 10 minutes of sounds at sunset of the different living species bordering the growing forest. Read more

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Van Utsav - Forest Festival
by Radio Team   
Tuesday, 07 March 2006

Sadhana Forest invites everybody to a Forest Festival taking place this week from Monday 6th through Monday 13th of March.

The festival is a gathering of people who are interested in sustainable living from all over India. Skills, techniques and ideas are being exchanged, and connections made for future collaboration in the field. From Kootroad onwards, clear signs will guide you to Sadhana Forest. For further information, phone 2677682 or 2002654.