Animal Care - Protection of animals

Loving animals
by Sudha   
Friday, 20 March 2009

SunderHere some words by Sunder who is in process to apply as New Comer.
I am Sunder from Edayanchavady. I work at Buddha Garden, doing animal care; there are many different things to take care for. Right now I work as a volunteer. I am interested in most of the things I do and love working with animals. I start early morning, around 6 o'clock and work until 9 a.m. It means doing farming in the morning and afterwards I start animal care around 10 a.m. I feel farm work is an important thing in the life. I have done my BBA and after that I got a job in Auroville... so I'm happy to work in Auroville and would like offer fully to Auroville.”

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Animal Care
by Radio Team   
Thursday, 28 August 2008

Rita with her firendsInterview with Rita from the Integrated Animal Care Center. It gives a good overview about the beginning of the Animal Care Center, the work they do today and their visions for the future. The project was found by Ann, an Aurovilian who passed away in 2005. The Animal Care Center includes one sanctuary for the homeless dogs they find in and around Auroville.  Also there is one clinic, where the animal doctor, who is in charge of the sterilization of the dogs and cats, is taking care of the animals.

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