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Reducing the Electricity Bill
by Amelia   
Sunday, 30 December 2012
Secretary of Auroville Foundation, Mr. Balabaskar (Photographer: Amelia)This morning Auroville Cyclone Response Team (AVCRT) and the secretary of Auroville Foundation Mr. Balabaskar inaugurated the new solar plant at the Town Hall with its capacity of 10KW. The gathering was also an occasion to display all the vehicles that were bought by found given by Government of India for the relief of cyclone Thane damages. Following is the short interview with Mr. Balabaskar, Divia and Ramesh, followed by sound scape of presentation of one of the vehicles put on display outside of Town Hall with its capacity to shred twigs. Read more

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Wind Turbines at Windarra Farm
by Rebecca   
Monday, 05 March 2012
the team works on building a homemade wind turbine (Photographer: Calliope Bosen)In recent years, there has much research and experimentation in the field of wind energy, and the production of wind turbines has become one of the leading examples of renewable energy. Jorge, who runs an initiative at Windarra Farm focused on the production of homemade wind turbines, took some time to speak about his own goals and the awareness of wind turbine benefits. His program, centered in education, brings volunteers and students to the farm to learn how to build their own turbines. Read more

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Two responses to cyclone
by Hans Beuken   
Wednesday, 04 January 2012
fixing electricity lines (Photographer: Hans Beuken)You can hear Prya of Buddha Garden (Auroville), and the village head of Morattandi about their reactions to the cyclone Thane. Although separated by only 5km, their way of coping with the storm is quite different. Morattandi, a village of 2000 inhabitants southwest of Auroville, is still struggling to get the electricity and water supply working again. Buddha Garden, a sustainable farm with solar panels, is up and running again. The village head of Morattandi is giving the interview while giving directions to workmen fixing an electricity pole.

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Global Perspective
by Yahalom & Mirjam   
Monday, 26 September 2011
Brahmanand Mohanty (Photographer: Vimal Bhojraj)Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, expert in the field of energy concentrated his talk at Green Practise on energy from global perspective down to regional. If we could follow the imense progress in last century, the fact is that within it we've discovered oil, and we also managed to spent 50% of world reserves of it. Dr. Mohanty sees Aruoville as the right platform for the spiritual revival or regeneration of the city. Now its the time to work on sustainable regenerative systems with green infrastructure, for building, transportation, water supply ...

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Auroville Energy Products
by Gijs   
Thursday, 03 February 2011
Team (Photographer: Jay)At the Solitude Farm in Auroville they made a music festival at the 29th of January 2011, called Lively up your Earth. Next to music there was a farm market with locally grown vegetables, books for sale and nice foods and drinks to eat. There was also a place for technology at the festival as several Aurovillian companies presented there products. One of these was Auroville Energy Products, selling Solar Energy products. Carsten tells us about the latest developments in the industry, about the latest improvements in technology, new ways of using energy more suficiant and the harm reduction to environment by producing these products. Read more

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Tango can be a meditative experience
by Miriam   
Tuesday, 27 July 2010
Jorge (Photographer: Miriam)Jorge, by nationality Ecuadorian was drawn to Auroville by strong concept The Mother outlined, and as he laughing about, by the bread from Auroville Bakery. Amongst the broad array of activities he found lots of knowledge, and discovered interests that he didn't expect to, but for himself also realized that here is not only about contributing with work, but also internal, spiritual work is of the big importance, and of course in sharing the life, work, ideas with others, in the community. Beside working on the project for energy obtained from wind he also loves to teach tango, which is to him beautiful, and yet very simple dance in its core concept.

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Biomass for electricity
by Miriam   
Tuesday, 27 July 2010
 (Photographer: World web)On Monday 26th July 2010 in Town Hall conference hall we had a chance to hear interesting presentation about Beema bamboo as an ecological and economical source of energy by Pashi and few others. . This bamboo is a native Indian specie which has been proven to grow well under our local conditions and which possesses many assets – very good yield , it has a high biomass content, as well as a good pulp and a high calorific value (4000 K cal/kg). It therefore acts as a carbon sink as it can absorb CO2 3 to 4 times more than trees; Read more

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Talking about Energy
by Mattia   
Saturday, 19 December 2009

Since the '70s Auroville is emphasizing alternatives energies. On Friday 11 December there was a presentation on energy presented by the task force on infrastructure of l'Avenir d'Auroville, specifically Pashi and Toine. The discussion started from the actual energy consumption in Auroville, continuing with possible solutions that the city may take.This was to  be the last Open Friday meeting of this year organized by l'Avenir d'Auroville. To dowload the edited recording of the meeting click here.

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