Regenerative Urban Development
by Sharan & Andrea   
Friday, 09 September 2011
The opening keynote by Peter Head (Arup) (Photographer: Vimal Borajraj (Auroville Consulting))Peter Head, Director of Arup and Executive Chairman of Ecological Sequestration Trust, United Kingdom, sheds light on Regenerative Urban Development based on his personal journey. Peter has been to 29 countries analayzing and discussing the issues of achieving more sustainable ways of living . A Civil Engineer by profession, he discussed ways to take some of Auroville's experience and sharing it with the rest of the world and across India besides policies and investments needed in India in fashioning townships to improve quality of life. Read more

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Can You Breathe?
by Miriam   
Sunday, 14 August 2011
Sunday Meeting (Photographer: miriam)We are more or less aware - depends on the level of health problem we got due to the location, that Karuvadikuppam dump site affect Auroville and the nearby villages. Pondicherry Municipality use this landfill to dump unsegregated urban waste, where methane formed by anaerobic decomposition of organic matter bursts into spontaneous combustion and sets aflame the inorganic waste. When plastic is melted down, its chemical structure changes and carcinogenic gases are released. What can we do to stop the Municipality to stop burning the waste? Read more

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Life in AV Forest
by Monica   
Monday, 20 June 2011
Catherine and Martanda (Photographer: Monica and web-music by Rainbow Night 'Te Fais Pas D'souci')We've met Catherine the Green Group coordinator, and Martanda from the Forest Group to find out about life in the wild. These modern day foresters may live off the main grid but by producing their own energy they maintain an up-to-date lifestyle. In this podcast, they also talk about the beauty and the difficulties of maintaining and protecting the surrounding forest. Read more

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Into the Bee Hive!
Wednesday, 04 May 2011
The inner chamber of a bee hive! (Photographer: Gino)Gino in Discipline farm shows us a bee hive and explains how he became part of the project of rising awareness about the actual situation of our bees here in Auroville. Honey is not only a nourishing wonder, it is also anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-oxydant. We learn from the behavior of the bees, seeing how, all their life, they share the same small amount of space, in a community where they evolve from the job of cleaning the hive to the higher one of looking for pollen in flowers, until they attain the final goal of taking care of the Mother, the Queen Bee. Read more

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Njal, Environmental Activist
by Christine   
Thursday, 28 April 2011
Njal (Photographer: Christine)The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants which started in Geneva at the beginning of the week is about to end. Decisions regarding the Endosulfan pesticide ban are still pending. Njal, who has been raising awareness regarding Endosulfan's impact on the environment and health in Auroville/bio-region, revealed the arguments from the side of the chemical industries. Plus how it's difficult for farmers to understand the impact of Endosulfan. Njal hopes the 1000 signatures he gathered for the petition (sent to Geneva) against Endosulfan will result in a change for the best. Read more

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