A lecture on schizophrenia
by Shooonya Frequency   
Friday, 05 April 2013
Dr. W.J.T. Mitchell (Photographer: Romel)Dr. WJT Mitchell, University of Chicago presents a lecture on Seeing Madness with slides and film clips in Adishakti - Auroville. In this program you will realize the great depths at which our mind operates and get a glimpse into what is the meaning of ' madness' literally. Dr. Mitchell presents his remarkable research work to make us understand how we are intrigued & excited by projection of madness & how easily it has become a part of our reality. The doctor famously quotes, "there will come a time when we wont know the meaning of madness". Read more

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L`eau Dynamisee
by Annie   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013
De tous temps... (Photographer: Annie)Parmi les tresors d'Auroville, une autre perle: L'eau dynamisee. En 1994 une equipe de scientifiques menee par Bagwandas, s'est penchee sur l'eau et son potentiel de vie, ces recherches ont abouti a la mise au point d'un procede de dynamisation visant a rendre a l'eau les qualites lui appartenant depuis l'aube des temps et que le progres detruit peu a peu. Aquadyn est l'unite ou les fontaines sont fabriquees, il reste profondement lie a la recherche et au partage. L'originalite du procede d' Auroville est l' utilisation de lumiere et de son. Read more

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A Heart Opened to the Divine
by Nour   
Wednesday, 06 March 2013
Tyler Carson with his violin (Photographer: Nour)Tyler Carson, a volunteer at Village Action Group, has came to Auroville in the group of twelve as their part of intership of the study on integrative energy healing. Their study in Seattle is a three years program design to incorporate teachings from India(Vedic system), China(meridian system) and North American Native tradition in order for students to know how to use the universal energy in order to promote healing in the body. Tyler is working on sound healing by allowing his heart to be open to the Divine while making the music. Read more

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by Annie   
Wednesday, 06 March 2013
Mark (Photographer: Annie)In Auroville, for two years, a team of passionates has been exploring this discipline born from the third millenium on the Amercan continent. Mark is presenting us this recency between yoga, circus and Thai massage. The French-American tandem Mark and Damien, after a long process of decoding from books and videos, has acquired skills that allow them to offer now the opportunity to practice this activity in Auroville at Arka Centre on Sundays 8-10 am and Tuesdays / Thursdays 7-9 am, and Louise in Windara Farm on fridays 3-5 pm. Ready to fly? Read more

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Steps Ahead ... Health
by Andrea   
Saturday, 23 February 2013

On the left D. Sumit and Dr. Armarnath. (Photographer: Andrea)In Friday morning session of Steps Ahead .. presented by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Studies.. Indian and the World (Bharat Nivas) in collaboration of other Working Groups Kailash Clinic and Auroville Institute for Integral Health presented their reality of different ways of how to deal with diseases and ill condition of human body and spirit. At the end also benefits of Laughter Yoga were presented with short demonstration. Read more

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