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Et au début il y avait le bisous
by Florance Matton and Chloé   
Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bébé cœur (Photographer: web)Savez-vous qu'il est possible changer le premier bisous de nos parents ? Ce premier bisous est, selon Ioana Morange, (chercheur, auteur entre autres de : « Alchimie Cellulaire - Le Droit De Naître Du Nouveau ») inscrit dans nos cellules. Il est la première des quatre étapes que constitue notre naissance. Ioana propose de renouer avec ces quatre étapes, à travers un stage qu'elle animera à Auroville du 18 février au 6 mars. Read more

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Connection with the heart
by miriam   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010
Harold DullWatsu is a gentle, nurturing therapy practiced in warm, body temperature water, combining movements, stretches and cradling. Quiet will celebrate this year 10th anniversary of practicing Watsu, and in March they organized advanced workshop with founder of Watsu massage – Harold Dull. He created it in 80s, and the technique slowly evolved as he began to incorporate aspects of zen shiatsu into his therapy. As he mentioned, Watsu is first aquatic body work for everybody.

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Seven empty pages
by Yahalom   
Monday, 07 September 2009

Seven empty pagesWhen a Zen practitioner gynecologist and a Ken Wilber philosophy advocate merged in one man a new approach arises. Dr. Unmon Boss share with us his experience with wearing the three hats at the same time. Unmon lead the seven empty pages workshop he developed here in Auroville. The seven attitudes non-judging, patience, beginners mind, trust, acceptance, non striving and letting go are the framework and the ground for his workshops. This interview tries to shed some light on his approach to medicine, spiritual life and his relationship with Auroville.

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Open Secrets of Music Therapy
by Sean   
Thursday, 14 May 2009

music brainOn Saturday 2nd May, T. V. Sairam held an interactive lecture demonstration at the Tibetan Pavilion. He is a former administrator, economist, ethno-botanist and musicologist, who has authored several books and hundreds of articles on all these subjects. His pioneering work on the therapeutic aspects of the traditional Indian music system and nada yoga have attracted the attention of the world community of music therapists in recent years. You can listen to an excerpt of his presentation here.

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by Radio Team   
Saturday, 25 August 2007

MaggieIn an interview with Maggie, Somatics, the work of Thomas Hanna is brought to light.
Maggie explores exactly what the work is: muscular and neurological, allowing the body itself to undergo changes thereby alleviating pain that comes from habitual holding patterns and postures. Maggie offers individual sessions as well as classes in Somatics.
The classical guitar music woven throughout this interview is played by Ashaman.

You can listen to this interview by clicking here.

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Mita and Tomatis
by Radio Team   
Sunday, 22 April 2007

MitaAn interview with Mita reveals the diverse facets of the Tomatis work which she and her partner have been trained in and brought to Auroville. The Tomatis Method can be utilised as a tool for the learning of languages and also therapeutically; it has the ability to release blockages which keep one from realizing their potential. Mita also talks about Dr. Tomatis' regard and interest in the writings of Sri Aurobindo.

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