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A lecture on schizophrenia
by Shooonya Frequency   
Friday, 05 April 2013
Dr. W.J.T. Mitchell (Photographer: Romel)Dr. WJT Mitchell, University of Chicago presents a lecture on Seeing Madness with slides and film clips in Adishakti - Auroville. In this program you will realize the great depths at which our mind operates and get a glimpse into what is the meaning of ' madness' literally. Dr. Mitchell presents his remarkable research work to make us understand how we are intrigued & excited by projection of madness & how easily it has become a part of our reality. The doctor famously quotes, "there will come a time when we wont know the meaning of madness". Read more

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Le dentiste aux pieds nus
by Chloe   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Et voilà le résultat ! (Photographer: Dental Clinic)Jacques est un dentiste français. Jusque là rien d'extraordinaire. Jacques avant de s'installer à Auroville il y a 29 ans, avait pratiqué la dentisterie pendant 10 ans en France. Alors naturellement en arrivant c'est ce qu'il a voulu faire. Pendant plus de 20 ans Jacques a parcouru les campagnes indiennes avec sa fraise et son générateur pour soigner et éduquer les enfants à une meilleure hygiène de vie. Mais un beau jour tout s'arrêta. Jacques après 19 ans de pratique fut pris d'un mal de dos terrible. En se renseignant autour de lui, il compris qu'il n'était pas le seul dentiste à souffrir du dos. Et c'est à ce moment là que l'aventure commença pour Jacques... Read more

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Auroville Institute for Integral Health
by Raphael   
Thursday, 17 December 2009

The new integral health institute is slowly getting shape. In this presentation the health team Jocelyn B., Mallika, Mogan, Ruslan, Sumeet, and Veronica with the architects team updated all on the current state of the project. The ambitious vision of the project was presented by Ruslan and Sumeet. Alternative master plans of the building where presented by Houly, Helmut and Salaeja. The presentation was followed by a question and answers from the audience

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Auroville Clinic
by Radio Team   
Thursday, 05 February 2009

Kailash TeamAt the second  information/discussion meeting on the New Healthcare Project for Auroville, the Integral Health Services Team (Francesca, Jocelyn, Manfred, Veronica, Dr. Ruslan and Dr. Sumeet)  presented plans for it. Planned services include a lab, x-ray facilities, ultrasound, pharmacy, consultation rooms and inpatient beds. Although the presentation was not as well attended as expected, questions revealing strong interest in this project were asked; some were awnsered.

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by Radio Team   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Veeramani In this week's Tamil program Veeramani of the Auroville Health Service  shares his life stories  in Auroville. He is from Kottakari (a village within Auroville) and has worked as a teacher in Isai Ambalam, which was started by Ivar as a school for dropout village kids about 20 years ago. For the last 5 years Veeramani has worked with the Health Service of Auroville which teaches and maintains hygiene in the Auroville community kitchens, restaurants and the food processing Units.

To listen to the interview (in Tamil) click in the logo play. 

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Into your atmosphere...
by Radio Team   
Saturday, 03 November 2007

A blu fractal Imagine 'Om Namo Bhagavate', Mother's mantra, penetrating your very being not as an audible sound, but as light. This is what Mario has created: a device which transmits the mantra as a blue light, via a transparent stone such as a crystal, into your atmosphere. Mario has a background in electronic engineering which he has combined with his intuitive mind and certainly the influence of the Mother. He explains that the vibrations produced through the light erase, or transform negative vibrations in the room in which the device is placed.
In the interview you'll find how to contact Mario for further information.

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