Contributing to the Marathon
by Anurag   
Wednesday, 08 February 2012
Anand is one of the main organizers of the Marathon. (Photographer: Anurag)This program contains interviews with Ing-Marie, a participant in the upcoming race, Anand, one of the main organizers, Taj, a graphic designer closely involved with the event, and Saket, an Ashramite who enjoys volunteering and being part of the Marathon. Listen in to all these people who contribute to the event in their different ways and find out how they all come together to make the Marathon special. This is the second out of three parts of the 'Running with a Smile' series. To see the marathon route, click on READ MORE. Read more

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Running with a smile
by Anurag   
Monday, 06 February 2012
Auroville Marathon Logo (Photographer: Vimal)The Auroville Marathon ( is held in February each year and this year is the fifth anniversary of the event. This program contains interviews with Chandresh and Balaji, two organizers who make the Marathon possible. While Chandresh talks about how he first had the idea of having a Marathon for Auroville, Balaji goes through the challenges involved in organizing an event that has over two thousand participants from all over the world. The organizers closed the registration on the seventh of January. Read more

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Hat Tournament
by Amelia   
Monday, 06 February 2012
Mark (Photographer: Miriam)Sports ground at Certitude, the field next to and Udavi sports ground were very lively past weekend with Hat Tournament , which is ultimate frisbee tournament a different way with mixed team, as Mark explained it to us. Twelve teams consisted of seven players played for four games (long 1h15m) in the morning and two games in the afternoon on all three fields. Ultimate frisbee is more self sponsored sport with clear spirit of sportmanship; ultimate is different, one has to keep it cool, know the rules, has to call it fair and work in a team. Read more

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Pain management at LEC
by Sharan   
Monday, 19 September 2011
Managing Pain (Photographer: Sharan)Dr.Shanu from the Auroville Health Center addressed a group of trainee caregivers at Life Education Center and shed light on pain related to Cancer. In her talk, she elaborated on the multi-dimensional aspects of the "total pain" a Cancer patient undergoes and the factors contributing to pain and relief of suffering. Palliative care, an approach that improves the quality of life of patients facing the illness and treatments used to alleviate the side effects of curative treatments such as chemotherapy was discussed in brief. Read more

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Everything Is Yoga
by Emma   
Tuesday, 08 March 2011
Shambo (Photographer: Emma)In this interview we meet Shambo, a practitioner of Sivanandra and Kriya yoga, who is also an instructor here in Auroville. He shares his insights on living in the world today, and his hopes for the transformation of the future. "It is possible” he says for the world to reach this higher consciousness. We talk about yoga and how it is a part of every waking moment of his life. He's a great example of how yoga can transform your life into something more, something that is not just limited to this lifetime. Read more

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