Integral & Waldorf Education
by Heidi   
Friday, 24 February 2012
Heidi with Torine Finser (Photographer: Jorren)Two Waldorf professors from Antioch University interacted with teachers, parents and many others connected with Education, today at the Future School. Torin Finser is a teacher, author of several books on education, Chair of the Waldorf Teacher Training program at Antioch, and also the President of the Center for Anthroposophy. His wife, Karine, has expertise in Waldorf curriculum painting and art therapy. With them we explored how both integral and Waldorf education address all the planes of the being, and particularly the spiritual plane. ... Read more

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Pole Artists on Mission Auroville
by Montse and Divya   
Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Artists (Photographer: Montse)Opening presentation on 'Mission Auroville': an experiment in cultural geography by 6 Polish artists who are visiting Auroville for 2 months. Vocabulary of culture texts produced in Poland often deals with questions on historical and personal fears and mishappenings. The project aims at confronting these kinds of attitudes with utopian, optimistic and future-oriented reality of Auroville. The project is a colaboration between Museum of Art in Lodz and Kala Kendra Gallery with support from Goldex Poldex and the Adam Mickiewicz Insitute. Read more

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Activities at AVI Centres
by Alma   
Sunday, 12 February 2012
Presentation of Aruoville Centres Activities  (Photographer: Alma)At the end of the Auroville International Meeting 2012 we heard what AVI Centres actually do, how many active members they have, what is their focus and their aspirations. AVI Germany, USA, UK.... are one of the largest ones, with several activities and also considerable donation to Auroville for different purposes and projects. Today the number of AVI Centres is growing, adding to the family of centres supporting Aurovillie ideals and work all over the world. Soon we will have liaison of Turkey, Haiti, Hungary, Ethiopia.... joining us. Read more

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General Assembly of AVI
by Ana   
Sunday, 12 February 2012
General Assembly (Photographer: Ana)Auroville International meeting 2012 in Auroville concluded by general assembly in which they summarized all the presentations they've heard over the intensive three days. In those days numerous working groups, work units, different projects, presentations and films were offered to them to look up, and maybe help on different ways, from moral support to financial donation. Some of the interactions were merely updates from the previous years, what might changed, what still need to be done. Read more

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The Lilaloka plan for children
by Jorren   
Saturday, 11 February 2012
The Lilaloka representatives (Photographer: Jorren)The final presentation in the Unity Pavillion was that of the Lilaloka group. Lilaloka means "the Universe of Play". This group, at the moment consisting of mostly women, offers a development-through-play program for kids. It is complementary to regular education, and lets children decide the path their development follows. Through games, kids learn to make use of their talents. This new and original idea is presented and discussed by members of Auroville International. Read more

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