Opening Ceremony
by Miriam   
Friday, 11 November 2011
Tea break with books from Auroville (Photographer: Julian Lines)Auroville International meeting in Ethiopa in Addis Abbaba officially started on 24th of October with some introductory speeches by many, with mr. Heimanot Alemu as master of ceremony commenting talks on his own witty and humorous way. As we had a chance to see later, during the week, he is a man of many talents. Heimanot breifly explain to the numerous Ethiopian public what the Auroville stands for, and the purpose of this meeting with short description of all the talks and presentations. Auroville International members welcomed guests. Read more

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Present and future science
by Savitri Bhavan   
Wednesday, 09 November 2011
Georges van Vrekhem (Photographer: Antim)'Present and future science: unending paradigms'. Science is generally presented as a search for the truth of Nature, thereby supposing that there must exist such an absolute, unchangeable truth. This view is now severely questioned. Besides, science is a product of the human mind, which is incapable of grasping absolute truth. Therefore science and technology must gradually be replaced by what Sri Aurobindo called a ‘future science’, including not only matter but all levels of Reality. A talk given by Georges van Vrekhem at Savitri Bhavan. Read more

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Vanished civilizations
by Savitri Bhavan   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011
Georges van Vrekhem in the talk (Photographer: Antim)Full title: 'Vanished and retrograde civilizations'. More and more archeological discoveries show that the civilization of Homo Sapiens Sapiens goes much further back than Sumer. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother affirmed the onetime existence of civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria which vanished from the surface of the globe. This means that the ‘primitive’ peoples were not so originally, but descended from probably highly evolved civilizations of whom they lost the knowledge and the means. This talk was presented by Georges van Vrekhem Read more

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The Western Mind
by Savitri Bhavan   
Tuesday, 25 October 2011
George entering the hall (Photographer: Antim)During the formation of Christianity, a series of hard fought councils and creeds formulated what was the authorized thinking in the Christian West. This ‘catholic’ faith dominated the minds for centuries, till its irrationality was eroded, attacked and finally overcome by a rational movement culminating in the Enlightenment. Sri Aurobindo calls its main ideas – liberty, equality and fraternity – ‘godheads of the soul’, and has fought to keep them alive in the build-up of the new world. The Georges van Vrekhem's talk was held in Savitri Bhavan. Read more

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New Dharmas
by Savitri Bhavan   
Thursday, 20 October 2011
Georges van Vrekhem (Photographer: Vladimir)The integration of the 4 varnas and the new Dhrama. The 4 varnas, quite other than the castes, have determined the structure of society not only in India but also in the West. Their integration into a human unity is essential for the coming about of the new world. The new inner or spiritual unity will gradually create a new, egoless dharma – “Nous voulons une race sans ? go” – replacing the ego-dharma of the evolution until now. Georges van Vrekhem gave a talk in Savitri Bhavan. Read more

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