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Renewable Sources and Planning
by av radio team   
Thursday, 07 March 2013
Sustainable Habitats by Auroville Green Practices Workshop (Photographer: team)As a part of Sustainable Habitats - architecture programs for professionals, organized by Auroville Green Practices Workshop with Auroville Consulting this morning three speakers addressed aspect of renewable sources of energy. Toine was presenting Sustainable Urban Energy Solutions, Joerg was talking on solar PV installations and from Satprem's office Amanda was going deeper into embodied energy in the buildings Read more

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Collective Intelligence Day
by Kim   
Wednesday, 16 January 2013
Disussion of the group (Photographer: Kim)Jean Francois who held the last weeks presentations and discussions about “collective intelligence” built the bridge between our own individual being and the collective in a special manner on a one day workshop. He started off in introducing a couple of profound questions which firstly every individual had to answer for oneself and afterward were discussed in small groups. He guided the group into a self-created market place. It finally lead to the request if there is an alternate currency possible in Auroville. Read more

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The Creation of the Aura
by Rebecca   
Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Aura image (Photographer: B)On January 1, 2012, the Aura was introduced to Auroville. The Aura, not quite a currency, but more of a symbol of exchange, was created to expand Aurovillian's ideas of ways to deal with money. I took some time to speak with B about the emergence of a symbol of exchange that is a wholly Aurovillian concept, and the question of how money is handled in Auroville. The Aura is made out of waste paper, printed at the Auroville press, and embellished with the well-known symbols of Auroville.

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CIty Services Budget
by Andrea   
Friday, 26 August 2011
Lyle is a member of the BCC ( Budget Coordination Commitee ) (Photographer: Andrea)On August 18 2011 the Budget Coordination Commitee (BCC) had a meeting at Cinema Paradiso. Lyle, a member of the BCC, presented the City Services Budget for 2011/2012. He informed the participants of the budgeting process and demonstrated the total budget and its allocation for the upcoming year. Moreover he gave a comparative resume of the past budget allocations. The presentation opened an interesting debate on these topics. At the meeting were present also members of Fund Asset Management Commitee. Click here to download the presentation. Read more

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Economía en Auroville
by Alex   
Wednesday, 06 October 2010
Town Hall (Photographer: Alex)En el programa de hoy Alex, ademas de una muy bella introducción relacionada a la gestión económica, entrevista a Joseba, uno de los principales impulsores de esta área en Auroville. Joseba nos habla de 3 cosas: la Maintenance, la relación con las empresas de Auroville y la creación de un sistema de recompensa que agregue a todos pero a la vez englobe la diversidad. En una muy interesante y franca charla, los oyentes podrán tantear los desafíos y aprendizaje de Auroville con este tan complejo tema.

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Comprando diferente
by Alex   
Tuesday, 21 September 2010
Anandi (Photographer: Alex)En este programa Anandi nos cuenta el proyecto del New Pour Tous, un mercado cooperativa que trabaja para generar un nuevo tejido económico sustentable, que surgió de una iniciativa popular para traer nuevas maneras de consumir. Comenzó a funcionar hace 4 anos y hoy hay mas de 600 participantes que mensualmente contribuyen con una cantidad fija de dinero a un pote común, y de allí se hacen las compras del mes. Cada uno es responsable por controlar su consumo y asegurarse que todos puedan ser beneficiados. Un muy interesante y innovador proyecto!

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BCC Information Meeting
by Andrea   
Friday, 21 May 2010
 (Photographer: Andrea)On Wednesday, May 19th the Budget Coordination Committee (BCC) has introduced the General Budget 2010/2011 at the Cinema Paradiso. About 40 Aurovilians participated in this meeting. Lyle, a member of the BCC, spoke about the coming budget allocations, the new maintenance policy and other topics. During the presentation some questions were answered and some are still pending. Some residents made the point of regarding the ideals of Auroville and the actual situation. The meeting was welcomed and participants asked for updates in the future.

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